Last One Ever

That’s the last sofa I’m gonna need. Whatever else happens, I’ve got that sofa problem handled.

— Fight Club

Yeah, I know I’m ostensibly a minimalist, but I still buy stuff, right? It’s not about having nothing it’s more about having less and it’s really about having the right amount. To me, that also means buying stuff less often. So, when I make purchases, I try to make them for the last time.

Sidebar: I know that this is out of reach for a lot of people, and I respect that and I’m grateful for the fact that I can pull this off, but more on this later.

Some things just don’t change and don’t really need to. They don’t really become outdated (or actually, if you’re lucky, they get better with age). For example: umbrellas, razors (if you use safety razors), knives, pots, speakers, wallets, etc. All these things will probably need to be mended or sharpened or oiled but if you take good care of them and they’re sturdy, they should last you your whole life (my mother has a Japanese umbrella that’s 30 years old and still kicking).

Then there’s the other stuff, that becomes outdated like … immediately upon purchase. New cars, computers, cellphones, consoles, etc. All this stuff will need to be replaced, and that’s okay. I don’t stress about that, I just accept it.

For things that don’t change, buy the best one possible so that you can enjoy using it hopefully forever. Look for things made of good materials and things with replaceable parts and solid warranties. It’ll just save you money and sanity in the long term. Example: I just bought a JanSport backpack for $55 that comes with a lifetime warranty. I absolutely expect it to be the last day-to-day backpack I’ll buy for decades.

Back to the money thing. Not that it matters much, but there are many things I don’t buy, just so I can buy the other things the way I want. Car? No. Console? No. Video games? No, and so on, and like that. Secondly, a lot of the time the best doesn’t mean most expensive. $55 is damn cheap for a great backpack. Some cost $400, I fucking hope that one lasts forever, too. Sometimes it’s not about buying the best thing, but about buying a good thing and taking great care of it.

Anyway. Times change, circumstances change, and I might change my mind, but for now this has been really worth the research and the money. If you can, try to buy the last things you’ll ever need.