I’m a web developer in Toronto, Canada. I have a degree in Nanotechnology Engineering from the University of Waterloo which I only use for trivia. I work for a great little company. I’m not too sure why I have this website, but I enjoy it.


I’m tidy and precise in all things. I value pragmatism, clarity, and personality. I respect discipline, honesty, and curiosity. I’m really tall and unfortunately pretty loud. I never stress out and I always do my homework. I prefer tea to coffee and cider to beer. Sometimes I have strong opinions, but the more I learn the weaker they get. I’m unlearning being snarky. I write many lists.

Filling The Hours

I listen to a ton of music, I watch and re-watch movies, I like good TV and I do a bad job of reading enough books. I write, and hate every word of it. I play pool pretty well, I climb often, and I’m a mediocre cook but I’m learning. I started doing CrossFit but I try not to talk about it.

Paying The Bills

Over the years I’ve written REST APIs, data viz dashboards, metrics collection systems, machine learning projects, eCommerce websites. I’ve done QA and helped train new employees. I’ve assembled chairs and shelves. I’ve set up cloud servers, written SQL queries, set up MongoDB clusters. I’ve done UI work and it was hard. I’ve worked with Apache, Nginx, Flask, Rails, d3, Postgres, AWS, Snap.svg, Django, Foundation, Ractive.js, Angular.js, Node, and a dozen others not even worth mentioning.

Right now I work primarily on the front-end, which is to say I write JavaScript all day long. I’m a dabbler, and I think that’s a good thing. I’m prone to tinkering, and I think that’s a bad thing.

I don’t mind email, so george dot gritsouk at gmail if in doubt.