Sunday, May 22, 2016

Master What You Hate

Stupid-Good At Garbage Tasks For Fun And Profit

I used to hate ironing clothes and merge conflicts, until I got pretty good at ironing clothes and merge conflicts. Some chores are just unfortunate realities of life, or I’m just too proud to outsource them. I can’t bring myself to pay someone to do my cleaning for me, so my near future has a lot of laundry and vacuuming coming up. The best way I found to stop dreading these things is to get as good at them as possible.

One of two things will happen. Either you get good enough at the task to make it fun, or you’ll get fast enough to not notice the pain.

So do your homework. Look it up on YouTube, RTFM, ask a friend, read a book. Buy the right tools for the job. Practice, practice, practice! Be happier and more productive. You always have the option of avoiding the task like the plague down the line.